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ReportStream makes it easier to send and collect public health data — for free

ReportStream is an open source, cloud based platform that aggregates and delivers COVID-19 test results to health departments

Why ReportStream?

Get faster, more accurate data directly from testing facilities, labs, and more — through a single connection

Aggregated, clean data

Get aggregated, validated test results from across your jurisdiction, all through a single connection.

Analytics and insights

Get insights on reporting trends and real-time alerts that help you inform and manage your COVID-19 response.

A built-in network

ReportStream works directly with COVID-19 test manufacturers, labs, and apps like SimpleReport to deliver more results to public health departments across the U.S.

ReportStream offers two ways to deliver data directly to your public health department

Log in and download test results quickly through our web application, or work with ReportStream to set up a customized ELR connection

Example screenshot of the ReportStream web application

1. Data download

Get verified, then simply log in to download data from our online portal. Give your team access to data from anyone in your jurisdiction that’s connected to ReportStream.

Save time with less manual data entry. Download daily data in standard HL7 or CSV format in minutes, without setting up an ELR.

Example screenshot of the ReportStream web application

2. Electronic lab reporting

Get data from multiple testing facilities — in less time — through a single connection.

ReportStream works 1:1 with public health departments to make sure data arrives in the format you need, when you need it.

Where is ReportStream live?

ReportStream partners with health departments, test manufacturers, data aggregators, and others across the U.S.

Map of the U.S. showing states and territories where ReportStream is currently live

We’re growing quickly. Take a look at the complete list of ReportStream partners.

Interested in learning more about ReportStream?

ReportStream works with public health departments looking to get better quality COVID-19 data from jurisdictions. We also collaborate with testing facilities, data aggregators, manufacturers, and more to send test results to health departments.

Either way, if you send or analyze COVID-19 data, we’d like to help.

Get in touch

Free and created by the CDC

Developed for COVID-19 test data and public health departments, ReportStream is 100% free.

Safe and secure

Test results and patient data are securely stored and protected by two-factor authentication, database encryption, and HTTPS.